Smoke Machine

by The Matt Truman Ego Trip

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released February 14, 2017



all rights reserved


The Matt Truman Ego Trip Bowling Green, Ohio

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Track Name: Natural Born Lover
Standing on the corner like a 90s Range Rover, rusting
'bout to bust out your means
Pleasure principle taking nasty control
black cat walked all across all your dreams
was it true when they told me you're a natural born lover
licking liquors up in the bar
smelling like a rose but your pose is no gitter
sticking stickers on my car
I'll tell my mother
I'll tell my father
tell all my friends there must be something in the water
I'll tell my sister
I'll tell my brother
tell everyone you are a natural born lover

Fresh as a daisy looking like you're never lazy
booty shorts say #1
calling all the shots thinking that you're all hot
baby, it's more fun with a gun
couldn't say by my name you were just a pretty face but it's 38 to 22
honey, all that sass gets ya trashed so fast
babe, I wouldn't know what to do
Track Name: Dreamer
Don't wanna break your heart so break it off
Don't wanna act the fool cuz that's not cool
Don't wanna hear ya talk, just watch ya walk
Baby, I'm a dreamer
Don't wanna hear your voice, too much noise
Ii heard it yesterday on the telephone
Baby, you're a screamer
When I'm down on the street and I'm walking I see you coming my way
Everytime that I hear you talking I'm running away
Track Name: All Night Long
BayBay! if you're tryna love me
Honey, ya just gotta shove me
Sugar, tastes so sweet
Darlin', just dyin to meet ya
Don't know where ya get it but ya got it, a lot
Come a little closer wanna stir your pot
you gotta love me all night long

Baby, don't waste your time tryna figure it out
Honey, ain't concerned with what comes outta the mouth
Sugar, wanna spend some time
Darlin', just wanna make you mine
Baby, you're a dream & you're the cream of the crop
Don't know where you're going but you'll come out on top
you gotta love me all night long
Track Name: Pistol Whips
Don't try her, man, cuz she'll do it
She'll take a laser beam & cut right through it
Driving through your life like a Buick
Take you the wrong way home just to watch you squirm
She'll leave ya inside-out with a stutter
She'll introduce ya to her brass-knuckle brother
you'll be crying for your uncle or mother before she turns you over to kiss your wounds & when she shakes her hips, pistol whips
She was the last one out of the fire
She gets the deal after the offer's expired
She'll leave em hung up strung out & wired
Then let the day play loose just to keep em firm
You couldn't stop her with a nuclear cannon
When she's running with a reckless abandon
You know she always knows just what you're planning
You better let her be the driver & keep your cool cuz when she shakes her hips, pistol whips
Now don't you go trying to save her
Cuz it'll only make her braver & braver
She takes it all, don't even know what they gave her
She's like a red hot line on a moonlit mile & when she shakes her hips...
Track Name: Stay Awake
Oh! my child, it's about to get wild have you been down on the streets today
Said now baby it's about to get crazy everybody's got something to say
we got 10,000 people screaming "Oh my God it's over" but they're never gonna take us away
So you better get believing there's a brand new feeling
if you're asking I say stay awake
I know you feel it on the inside
baby it's dying to get out
so if you feel it on the inside scream & shout

Heart beating faster like a slave to the master you're thrown in then they lock the door
And it gets so loud in the middle of the crowd you swear you couldn't take it no more
Oh! and some friends are winning, other friends are losing there's no parking on the basement floor
So before they get their way, before they get their say give them a little dose of what's in store