Ice Cream Novelties

by The Matt Truman Ego Trip

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Outtakes, Demos, Compilations songs, Things we recorded on the porch on a 4-track, etc


released January 19, 2017



all rights reserved


The Matt Truman Ego Trip Bowling Green, Ohio

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Track Name: R U Gonna Hit Me
I took a big stick & wrote in the sand & then the water washed it away again
Even the trees said they ain't my friend
I need to feel something again
so keep a dove inside of your bedside table if you need something at night
point your toes towards all the noise, now baby, won't you keep your tightrope tight
Cuz I don't want to hang around with anybody else
Come on now, my gloves are down
So are you gonna hit me?
You take a step to take a stand but I'm standing with my feet in a watering can & I'm walking by the bridge, radio in my hand
the water washed it away again
a quick tip concerning your bedside manner if you never smoke in bed
if you heard a strange noise from an old brain scanner just pretend it's all in your head
Track Name: Lies
Baby you could have money
fly your ass around the world
move to the country
get yourself another girl
she's gonna have your baby
get ya something after the show
she's gonna drive ya crazy
baby, but ya never know
I gotta work my 9 to 5
everybody's got to do their thing to survive
it's a lie
and the keep on tell you lies
they just keep on spreading you
all the lies all the lies all the lies
well now she's calling her mama
tell her you been doin her wrong
she's gonna fly to Bahamas
sexy lookin in a sarong
she's gonna call up her sister
giving all her jewelry away
she's gonna hand out the bracelet, rings & pearls & send you on your merry way
and they keep on tryin em cuz you keep on buyin em
Track Name: Wax Wings
Destination: Heart of the sun
Equipment: wax wings
you've heard it before now hear it some more
Moutain side, the ocean below
I know it's stupid but what can I do I'm following you
5-4-3-2-wait a sec
kiss me before you forget
wingspan proud
equipment check
shake the hands
take a deep breath
We leave the Earth & take to the sky
looks like we'll make it
with cheers down below, "look at them go"
Hand in hand & higher than high
atmosphere, bye-bye
holding our breath I hope we don't wreck
"it will never work," they said, "one false move they'll both be dead"
Blah! those stupid hominids
something's burning straight ahead
Over before it's begun
Seems as though our journey is done
at least I'm not the only one with wax wings melting in the sun
Track Name: Heavy Sugar
get up off your prayer bones singing "hail to the President"
baby, poke your heels into your heat making skirt
there's a lot of heavy sugar coming in tonight
and I don't think that Jesus needs to see all the what honey that we'll be doing
have a belt a gin & practice up your toothy grin
cuz if we're gonna burn it down
by God, we're gonna burn it down
we get to the honky-tonk they're doin "strictly union"
baby, I bet they play your mother's favorite song
I saw that heap of jack coming in the door
and you said he's just your sin hound & I fingered up my onion peeler
baby, you're all awash & we're south of the slot we're gonna need another plan
Well, it was all just orphan paper when they finally stuck it in
looks like the reverend he'd been stealing from the church
well they knew my drape so it didn't matter when they sent the dragnet I was burning with a low blue flame
they grabbed me off the bar stool
had their silver bracelets
said I'd probably do a nickle since he didn't die
straight from the fridge, dad
Track Name: Total Disaster (Dining Room Demo)
There's a place in your heart that needs mending
and the truth is you're only pretending
you could run but it won't make it faster
it's a total disaster
it's over now
so you spend the whole night in the mirror
trying to cover up all of your fear
use the rest of your time getting stone
then it's time to go home
it's over now
get so wrapped up in your vanity
believing only what you want to believe
halo earning sermons up on your hill
what to do when you run out of pills
Track Name: The 60s
we're so tired of hearing about the 60s
when you were all along the watch tower, kissing the sky
I was barely a glimmer in my young daddy's eye
You were down & asking Alice why she's 10 feet tall
now you're stealing corporate money for the President's ball
well, baby, baby boomer, making shows of yourselves
while half a million people be out starving to death
We're so tired of hearing about the 60s
Track Name: Cause & Effect (Bad Singer)
well, I'm in pain
A little bit afraid
again, yeah
words can not describe what I am feeling
But I am human
I'm gonna make mistakes like everyone, yeah
so I'm not gonna take it back
you could call it a thing if you want
well, ok, it's a thing
but all of the things in the world cause you pain
it's a cause & effect
go and check
all you've built has all been wrecked
so pause & reflect on your life
Track Name: Ain't It True
I was born upside down with my limbs all twisted & my spine on the outside
I grew up one day early with the beggars on the corner & I never had a reason to smile
I felt cheap but clean on a video screen while they performed operations on me
but ain't it true
for you too?
no regrets, it was the next best thing, I had to live in a metal box
they chewed the meat off my bones but then they left me alone to go home to their skyrocket stock
i couldn't eat for days, I was in a haze until they pulled out all the needles & tubes
but ain't it true
for you to?
Track Name: Billionaires' Daughters
come on down, billionaires' daughter, daddy's money gonna keep you out of trouble, you don't have to worry
there's plenty of dirt to dig in but your diamonds will still sparkle in the twilight
it's so clear that you're so far up there & I'm down here
But there are worlds down here that you will never see up in your ivory tower
let your hair hang down
I don't know what's lonelier, the pauper's fate, or the one that lies before you
why so cold?
did you grow up or did you just get old?
Come on down, billionaires' daughters, daddy's money gonna keep you in your bubble, you don't have to worry
there's plenty of dirt to dig in but your eyes will always sparkle in the moonlight just like a song
and you'll always have the means to get along