Everybody's Got One

by The Matt Truman Ego Trip

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released January 10, 2017



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The Matt Truman Ego Trip Bowling Green, Ohio

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Track Name: Industry Standard
Faced with a challenge, baby, I'll blow it
I could sing you a song but you already know it
And you know it's ok if you think it's a shame
Because the record company buys my cocaine
the ladies of the 80s have been treating me fine
so i don't really care if i'm a few years behind
i'll strut in the studio with out an idea
i'm living on royalty checks from korea
and the record company buys my cocaine
snort it & shoot it & smoke it & lick it
a blow job backstage & i'll buy you a ticket
you can rock it & roll it & twist & shout
but i just hope to make a million before my teeth fall out
Track Name: Toni Wants to Fight
Baby where'd you get them jeans?
you 'bout to bust em all out at the seams
I can tell you like to keep it clean
but you ain't know about the ways & means
One of these days the kid's gonna do it
gonna kick you where it counts & then put ya through it
Toni wants to fight in Belfast
Baby best to watch her back
when all the jealous ones are set to attack
nobody tied her body to the track
you'd all be lying face down with a heart attack
baby needs a ride to memphis
but she don't even know where that is
Oh my God!
Track Name: Ohio
I told ya 'bout GBV, Stiv Bators & the hunk o the cheese
Samantha died from a cobra, green
Pere ubu don't know what it means
the rock & roll hall of fame
I went there it was kinda lame
but I tell ya I'll be doin the same
world 'round you'll be hearing my name
gonna smash your face
c'mon get outta the way
Ain't gotta move to N.Y.C.
Wood County is the place to be
L.A., too far away
there's rusty water here but it's ok
so I joined this crappy band
If you don't like us then you don't understand
Nobody came to our show last night but I met a chick who looked like Chrissie Hynde
Cincinasty gotta be the place, c'mon, d'you hear what I'm sayin?
Track Name: Ruin My Life
I can't wait for Friday night so I can go out on the weekend & ruin my life
I'm gonna drink & drive & crash my car
I'll tell the police man that I'm a star
you & me we're birds of a feather
we only like the bands that worship the devil
you like to drink the blood of the goat I can tell
take my hand let me lead you down to hell
I can't wait for Saturday so I can buy a couple hookers & a bunch of cocaine
I'm gonna pull my pants down in the club
I'll eat a fist full of pills & drown in the tub
Well, baby, won't you get up & dance
We're gonna rock you so hard leave a load in your pants
peel the face off of your skull
kick you in the teeth & rip off your balls
Track Name: I Don't Want Anymore
I don't care about the stock exchange & I don't care for the people who do
I don't care about running hard where in the fuck am I running to?
I don't care about gross internet fetishes that I'll only slur here but not type on lyrics sheets
I don't care about my horoscope when I know my day is doomed
I don't want anymore & they do
I don't care about your lame CD when all your songs all really suck
I don't care about your magazine you know it's all just a bunch of fluff
I don't care about stupid TV where ya win a million dollars for some stupid shit
I don't care about my VCR can't get romantic & can't program it
I don't want anymore & they do
oh play that thing!
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Grow Up
Seems like everybody here only thinking of next year & they don't understand the price they'll have to pay just for tomorrow
see, I know it all
And the real world it seems is shoved up someone else's dreams & so they rest their heads on pillows that their fathers probably borrowed
from shops at the mall
have you ever lead your life this way?
I don't wanna grow up
don't make me throw up
So while you're dreaming about me
pick me up a new subscription
I'm still listening to New Edition, man
You should come out of your shell
do you really know yourself?
it's the kind of thing that matters
and life tumbles on
here you're standing next to me, do you need RSVP?
you should know by now that wasting time can only make you fatter
inhibitions, be gone!
If anything, be born today
I don't wanna grow up
Don't make me throw up
I know you're dreaming about me
but you need a special occasion
so send me out an invitation
And baby won't you tell me it's your birthday
Track Name: Chrissie
So now I'm obsessed with time
come on tell me about the time
I had it all in my hand tonight
I had the time of my life
when the words all come down like blues on tuesdays come down
throw it all away
we had cats in 75
made you believe their slimy jive
it almost started to make sense
stars like fireflies
I only wanted to know cuz Chrissie told me to know cuz kids are people too ( I hope they don't sue)
Keep yours away from mine cuz I don't want to get mixed up
Keep yours by your side cuz you look so good standing right there (with that thing in your hair)
Throw it all away
So we cut the ties that bind
And we raced cars made of pine
and they told us silly lies about things that make you go blind
but I know it ain't true because I'm looking at you now
And I know what's true
the blind ones is you
Track Name: Top 40 Japan
Asprin & parking tickets
Ripping paper
starting fires
Top 40 Japan, well I mean, what'd you think, man?
Top 40 Japan, What'd you expect, my man?
Well, the light bulbs
they flicker on & off & doin it well, don't they do?
while your eye balls roll to the side
you're making my skin crawl
do ya wanna get it on?
I'm looking at speakers
I've been asking their names
Track Name: Dance in the Turn Around
Keep in mind when my people take you for a drive you're riding in the back seat
And my friends know that the party never ends even after you start to bleed
but it's no secret you had this boy believing anyone could break him down
dance in the turn around
at the end of the day when we all get down & pray you leave me out at the end
but that's ok I know that I moved so far away
I'll pour myself another friend
but it's no secret you had this boy believing anyone could break him down
dance in the turn around
Track Name: Cowboy and the Dinosaur
Well, we can so we will
it beats sucking a pill
it all comes over me
it doesn't take me where I wanna be
with your wand cast a spell
it goes to show you never can tell
the old folks stay at home
but something tells me that they're not alone
you're so beautiful now
that isn't always how it used to be
Turn around drop it off
and when they ask your name just give them a cough
the night seems darker now
that's not to say they never showed you how
but we love the mistake
there's glitter tangled up in the rake
cowboy & the dinosaur
they're only here because you want them more
they had holes in their hands from the magical sands
dig down deeper