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Inspired by 70s AM radio


released January 2, 2016

The Matt Truman Ego Trip

Zak - Electric Bass Guitar
Derek - Beats
Miguel - Guitars and Voices
Ted - Tambo Shakes and Vocal Takes
Kaela - Ebony, Ivory, and Singin
Matt - Ego Trip

Violins on "No Heart" by Megan Fitzpatrick-Sicheneder

Recorded at The Nice Factory



all rights reserved


The Matt Truman Ego Trip Bowling Green, Ohio

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Track Name: Starry Eyes
Spent time starring as a local lie, oh no
with the crowd you've been carousing with it's no surprise
Storm clouds gathered when it hit the streets, same old
Same old story but it's hard to beat & it's sweet
Sweet as any word that you've heard in the dark
Sweeter than your time bomb nuclear heart
Sit back strumming out the strains of your brains, nasty
a nasty reputation now you're searching to blame
Sniff scent pull it back but no clues, no clue
Spend your weekend all alone thinking all of it's true
Truer than the lights going down in your room
Staring off in space to a popular tune
Baby, this ain't no place for starry eyes
Track Name: First Kiss
After a kind of wasted shine they had my back up against the wall
I don't know exactly what went on but they did it again
it's so satisfying I know you're not lying & the words all get caught in my throat
hanging around with my head hung down I don't wanna pretend
but if you saw the side of the street I've been walking on or lived one day in my shoes then you'd know that it's just like the first kiss & I don't wanna miss
I've been hanging around with my head hung down
She could've seen the other side if she'd have taken another step
run around in circles, stop short & collect then she gave it away
I wish she'd be with me tonight but she's 3,000 miles away
now I'm confused & have nothing to lose
does it end this way
and I can't explain the things I've been dreaming the feelings I'm feeling so hurtful & new
who knows
but it's just like the first kiss & I don't wanna miss
I've been hanging around with my head hung down
Track Name: Hard to Get
It's getting hard to get it back
we've all gone one way around the track & we've all ended where we started & we've seemed to lost our map
And what goes up is coming down
you've heard the song you know it's sound & it may seem that we are floating but we've never left the ground
Oh, it could happen to you
Oh, and all your dreams become new
Track Name: No Heart
I feel it coming, baby
I know the end is just a change
but as we're finding out
it don't make it easier to take
the names, the face, the times, the people we all care too much about
I feel it, baby
Time makes you realize some things are never meant to be
And as we tumble through just makes it easier to see
the lines, the wild times the things we'd just as soon forget about
I feel it, baby
Sometimes up
Sometimes you're right back down again
Sometimes lost
Sometimes you're coming around again
And I know that it's hard
when you ain't got no heart
No use to follow through
long time to find nothing to get
spit right into our eyes
we find our promises were threats
designed and over time the darkest of our days are coming yet
I feel it, baby

Don't worry, baby, gonna find your way
everything looks better by light of day
time's just a goon sent to push you around
yesterday's mistakes are behind you now
Don't worry, baby, it'll be alright
it's easy to get lost in the middle of the night
highs & lows are part of the show
We can talk about it at the next bardo
don't worry, baby